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What we offer:                                                                                   What we don't have:

  • Free school registration                                                                  No tuition or fees                                                    
  • Free student & teacher ID cards                                                     No hassles
  • Free online curriculum support                                                      No ads or marketing
  • Free HS diplomas                                                                             No bureaucracy


Who we are:                                                            

   The Free School (TFS) is a Free K-12 Virtual Private School begun by a homeschool parent serving home educated students across the State of Florida. We are registered with the state as a private school in Osceola county (code 8712). We strive to make learning as simple as possible and provide school registration and attendance records as well as help navigate the issues related to traditional non-public school. Enrollment is year round and the school is tuition free - no fees, period. It's really just that simple.


What we do:

   We provide an umbrella for parents to register their children in a non-campus based private school in order to comply with state law for compulsory education.

   We provide assistance in choosing curriculum that you can tailor to your specific needs and we are affiliated with Florida Virtual School (FLVS). However, you retain control of your children's education and development. We do not mandate which program you follow, or that you follow any at all, and students may learn at their own pace.

   We are an open school. We do not discriminate nor do we mandate. You are free to believe and do as you see fit. It is our pledge to not tread upon your individual rights.

    We protect your privacy by following a minimalist approach to what information we gather from you and what we do with it. We do not sell your information or use it for any other purpose. The state doesn't see your personal information, either. It gets stored on our database, behind antivirus and firewall security protection.

    We will NOT try to sell YOU anything. Our site is ad free, but we do humbly ask you to consider making a donation to help offset administrative and associated costs.

    We are glad you are here and hope we can help you and your child(ren)  on your journey. If you have questions about the process or if we can be of assistance don't hesitate to contact us (thefreeschool@zoho.com) or call us at 407.216.4649.


   Enrollment Information. If your child is between 6 and 16 they are required by Florida statute to attend compulsory education in either a public/charter school or a non-public school. There are three options for homeschooling: a HEP (registered with the county school board), a private tutor or a non-campus-based private school.

Why not just file as a homeschooler with your county? Because less government intrusion is better. Registering with us, we act as a shield. You don't have to show some bureaucrat your child's work to 'prove' they are learning. You don't have to pay money to have your child 'evaluated' annually. You're not subject to filing letters with the county and hoping you met their deadlines, or else. You aren't alone against a system that can be oppressive at times.

Why not hire private tutor to educate your child? Most of us don't have vast fortunes. This only seems like an option for the elite, besides, you are your child's best teacher. You taught them how to eat, walk, speak, etc., etc. Reading, writing, and arithmetic aren't all that hard - and we're here to help.

So, it is your choice which one you choose, but you only have to choose one method. We are the latter, a free virtual private school, if you will. We maintain and facilitate compliance with state laws for home educated students. All you have to do is fill out a simple form, send us their medical school forms and send attendance 3 times a year. That's it!

However, it's a good idea for you to keep records of your child's work through out the year. You don't have to show it to anyone, unless you want to brag about how great they're doing. We do not provide student evaluations, because they aren't required or needed for private schools. It is also recommended that you give your child an assessment test, at least annually, to gauge their progress. These can be found online for free. Again, it's just for you, if you want to. So ultimately, your rules and procedures are up to you and where the law doesn't explicitly require something be done a certain way, we encourage you to enjoy that freedom in your homeschooling educational endeavors.

   Note: Your child must be withdrawn from any previous school they attended. If they just stop attending they will be considered truant and get reported. There is no law, nor are you required, to provide the previous school with enrollment confirmation with us. How you choose to handle this is up to you. We recommend you tell them you are homeschooling (which you are under our umbrella). They ask a lot less questions and don't demand any unnecessary enrollment verification. If cornered, get their email contact info, forward it to us and we will supply confirmation of your enrollment. There's no sense arguing with some people.